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What is the KPMG Ideation Challenge?

The KPMG Ideation Challenge is more than just a work experience program. Designed to stretch your limits and challenge what you think is possible, it’s a student challenge like no other.

In 2020, KPMG firms are bringing both STEM and business students together, where you will work in teams to solve complex business issues using data-driven solutions. Over the course of the challenge, teams will be given real client problems, which KPMG professionals work on every day, and be asked to ideate solutions grounded in data, innovative prototypes and technology.

The KPMG Ideation Challenge is intended to be a true learning experience, offering you the chance to build your skills and become a rounded professional, ready to take on the world. The challenge itself will be revealed during the workshop and KPMG specialists will be on hand to help your team craft your idea and bring it to life. If selected, you will have the opportunity to take your idea to the KPMG International Finals!

What is the Ideation Challenge about?

We want to see how you can use innovative thinking to solve complex business issues using data-driven solutions. The challenge itself will be revealed during the workshop and KPMG specialists will be on hand to help your team craft your idea and bring it to life. Here’s how it works:

    1 Click here to register your interest.

    2 Sign up for the Ideation Workshop that suits you. Come to the workshop, we’ll put you in teams and, together, you’ll start working on an idea.

    3 During the workshop, you’ll have KPMG specialists on hand to help you come up with an idea and bring it to life.

    4 Go online to create your team’s profile and submit your idea. And you’re done!

Am I eligible to apply?

We want the best thinkers in the world to apply for the Ideation Challenge. But as well as being forward-thinking and innovative, you need to check all of these points if you want to take part:

  • Your country is participating in the 2020 competition. Check above for an overview of participating countries.
  • You are currently enrolled in a full-time university program with at least one year left of your studies.

What are the first steps to get involved in the 2020 competition?

  1. Get started by registering your interest here.
  2. Sign up to join the challenge. Pick the workshop that suits you and get ready for the challenge.
  3. Get involved at the workshop and start developing your ideas. If selected as a finalist, you’ll be given the opportunity to bring your solution to life.
  4. If you’re named as a National Champion, you’ll have the opportunity to go through to the International Finals which will take place 24 - 25 August 2020.
  5. The winner of the KPMG International Finals will receive funding to bring their idea to life, with the help and support of KPMG.

What can I expect if my team is chosen to go to the international finals?

If you’re one of the finalist teams you’ll get to work alongside KPMG experts to refine and present your ideas over the course of the international finals, 24 - 25 August 2020. During this time you will interact and network with KPMG Partners, employees and students from more than 20 countries, learn about what a career at KPMG looks like and compete to be named the champion of KIC 2020.

Your team's idea will be presented to the KPMG Global Judging Panel, who will choose the winning team that will receive seed funding from KPMG to further progress their concept, along with the support and guidance of KPMG professionals.

The student team members will retain the Intellectual Property for their original own ideas. Your ideas will never be developed by KPMG without your team’s full permission.

To protect the health and well-being of everyone participating in the 2020 KPMG Ideation Challenge (KIC) International Finals, the format of this year’s competition has been changed to a virtual competition. We believe this decision will help ensure all the national finalists who invested their time, intelligence and passion to develop winning creative, data-driven ideas can participate, represent their country and have equal opportunity to showcase their talent and ideas at the Finals.

Can I participate if my home country is not listed as a participant?

To progress to the international finals, you must compete as part of a nationally sponsored KPMG team. This means that you need to be enrolled in an Undergraduate/Bachelor’s/Masters/PhD degree within the country you wish to apply in and/or be a citizen of that country.

What is the cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate in the international final.

Do I have to be a student to participate?

Yes, only active students can participate in the KPMG Ideation Challenge. You must be currently enrolled in a full-time Undergraduate/Bachelor’s/Masters/PhD degree program with at least 1 year remaining of your studies.

Is there a prize for the winning team from the international finals?

Yes, the winning team of the KIC international finals receives US $50,000 in seed funding to further develop and take their idea to market with the coaching and guidance from KPMG professionals, and they will retain intellectual property rights to do so.

What is KPMG Lighthouse?

KPMG Lighthouse Data Driven Technologies is KPMG’s Center of Excellence for analytics, artificial intelligence, and other data-driven technologies across Audit, Tax, and Advisory. Talent professionals from across the globe work together in this space to help clients successfully navigate their transformational journeys into the future.

Will KPMG offer me employment if my team wins the Ideation Challenge or if I participate in it?

It is possible, but not guaranteed. This competition is treated as a separate event to any local member firm's official recruitment process.

Will KPMG help me secure a visa, if required, if my team is selected for the event?

KPMG will work with you to the extent possible to secure travel documents. As requirements for each country vary, please contact your local firm directly for more information.

What are the key dates?

  • Check with your local recruitment team for the challenge registration deadline in your country

  • The Ideation Academy Workshops will take place from November 2019 to February 2020
  • The International Finals take place 24 - 25 August.

For additional inquiries

For information related to local application dates, competition eligibility or to speak to your local country recruitment team.

For general inquiries not answered above, contact us at